What ?

Papa-prints is a collective of dads designing 3D printable stuff for kids & homes and sharing models.
Did you know 3D printing can really bring your dad game to a whole new level ?
A 3D printer price ranges from 100$ to 1000$
It uses plastic filament to grow objects layer by layer. One reel of filament costs around 20$ and could turn into ~200 Papa-prints toasters. There is an amazing number of awesome models you can find on the internet. Most of them are free, just like ours !
3D printing has become very user friendly over the past years. It’s very sustainable (no CO2 transport emissions, easy to repair, less waste, biodegradable plastic) and self-rewarding ("my dad can grow toys 😍") .
Please reach out with any questions, we’ll be happy to guide your first steps in this home made journey.